Canadian Super Visa Application


Preferred Immigration is happy to do everything we can to help reunite parents and grandparents with their children. A super visa allows the parents or grandparents of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to enter Canada to visit for up to two years.

What's So Super About a Super Visa?

The parent & grandparent super visa differs from typical visitor visas in Canada. Visitors who apply for a visitor visa may stay in Canada for up to six months, whereas a parent or grandparent super visa allows up to two years of visiting. Super visas also allow multiple entries for up to 10 years.



How To Apply for a

Parent or Grandparent Super Visa

  • There are many considerations an immigration officer considers in a parent & grandparent super visa application. These may include your country of residence, medical standing, financial situation, and your home country's overall stability. There are also considerations for the host (child or grandchild), such as a statement of their financial support. The host may be required to send a letter of invitation to the visa applicant(s), including specific information.

    This process can require a great deal of paperwork and supporting documents. As Edmonton's Preferred Immigration consultants, we are very experienced in helping applicants fill out applications, provide supporting documents and photographs, and meet any other requirements during the process. Learn what the steps are and how long it will take to process before you plan your visit! Plus, learn what options you have once you receive your visa.



  • Making a Difference for Families

    We're always happy to bring a family together. Inviting family to Canada for an extended visit doesn't need to be complicated. Call Edmonton's Preferred Immigration service today to get started on your parent or grandparent super visa application.


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