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At Preferred Immigration, we understand the importance and impact our work has on your life and the lives of your loved ones. As Edmonton's Preferred Canada Immigration Agents, we're committed to helping people succeed in their dreams and beginning new journeys. The expert immigration agents at Preferred Immigration Services have been practicing in the field for over ten years. Together with our clients, we've created many positive outcomes despite challenges and problems and amidst a great deal of government change. Our clients trust us enough to refer us to their friends and family members.

Immigration Consultants Vs. Immigration Lawyers

You can spend up to $400 per hour or more on immigration lawyers in Edmonton. Immigration lawyers also work on retainer, which is a costly upfront fee. Immigration agents are qualified to help with most immigration concerns and requests at a much more reasonable rate. Immigration agents in Edmonton provide you with more value for your money.

With Preferred Immigration, you'll know exactly which immigration services we'll be providing and how much they'll cost. We are always upfront about our fees because we want you to be able to plan for success. Best of all, we charge flat fees per job request so that there are no unexpected bills.

Certified Canada Immigration Agent in Edmonton

Preferred Immigration provides many immigration services in Edmonton. We pride ourselves on having full certification as Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) with the College of Immigration Consultants and Citizenship Consultants (CCIC). Our legal expertise, certification and government accreditation, as well as hands-on experience, gives our clients peace of mind. When you choose Preferred, you'll feel comfortable knowing that your application is in the right hands.

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  • Legal Compliance:

    Immigration agents in Edmonton and across Canada need appropriate training and certification to ensure your application has the best chances for success. Preferred Immigration Services Inc. has the legal requirements to receive third-party information. We work on your behalf and ensure nothing gets missed. Our experience, knowledge and dedication results in faster processing and better results.

    Carl Wurfel is one of the Directors of the company and CICC CCIC certified and also IRB certified.

  • Registered Vs. Unregistered Immigration Consultants

    Using an unregistered immigration advisor or consultant is never a good idea. Unregistered advisors are not authorized third-parties. Unregistered advisors cannot sign documents on your behalf, and they won't be in direct contact with ESDC (Employment and Skills Development Canada) or CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) Incomplete applications and action items may go unnoticed as a result, and your application may take longer to process or be lost altogether.

    Why pay someone who can't access your information or your file? Our fully certified immigration agents in Edmonton can offer you the best chances for success with your Canadian immigration applications.

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Carl has worked in immigration for over ten years. His experience working under the direction of a lawyer and the direction of an immigration consultant in Edmonton has allowed him to gain a comprehensive insight into the immigration process. Strong talent in the HR field has helped him connect successful applicants with stable and profitable work in a wide range of industries. Carl has many successful LMIA applications in his experience. He has helped numerous people attain a new life in Canada with patience and guidance.

Carl has also worked on permanent residence applications, spousal sponsorship applications, super grandparent visa applications, and provincial nominee applications. One of his most important goals is to ensure companies can retain quality employees for extended periods rather than short, temporary situations. His dedication benefits both employees and employers in Canada.

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