Immigration Refugees & Citizenship in Canada


Refugees are persons who have fled their home country due to persecution or fear of persecution. Canadian refugees must undergo a screening and application process before being accepted for refugee status. There are different processes to claim status as a refugee in Canada. These processes depend on where you are applying nd your home country's condition.

Apply for Refugee Status in Canada

Claiming refugee status is a complicated and time-consuming process, especially if you're unfamiliar with Canada's citizenship and immigration system. Refugees in Canada must compile information for the application, review it for accuracy, and then take steps to submit it. All of this can be daunting when you are fleeing a dangerous or volatile situation. Preferred Immigration consultants are always more than happy to assist refugees applying from inside or outside Canada.

Successfully applying for refugee status is vital to securing a new future in Canada, so don't take chances trying to figure it all out yourself. Let our immigration experts guide you through the process and find out why we are Edmonton's Preferred Immigration service. To take the first step in becoming a refugee in Canada, call our experts for a free consultation today.


Sponsoring a Refugee in Canada

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  • Canadian citizens can sponsor refugees through the Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) Program. The role of a sponsor is to provide various forms of support for a refugee in Canada. Support may include financial, emotional, and social support - all the necessary building blocks to help a refugee family properly settle and integrate. There are several options for sponsoring a refugee in Canada (or a refugee family). Get in touch with our immigration experts to learn more about guidelines, what to expect, and how to apply.